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We believe that by providing easy applications for schools we can help schools better manage their resources and free up valuable staff resources for more important tasks.

What our clients say

Hot Lunches Online

I just wanted to send a quick email to let you know that the program is fantastic! We are still in the ordering process, first lunch day is October 8. The parents are thrilled, the campus coordinators are thrilled, and my small team of administration is ecstatic. The system is so user friendly, there is a lot to learn, but everything is so accessible.

- Author

Locker Assignment Online

Thanks to Mark and EZS Software. The attention to detail at the beginning of the process resulted in a successful launch of the software. The program was easy to use for students and admin. By having students select and log their own lockers, the school has saved hours of time. Adding new students during our intake season was simple to do, and resolving the few difficulties that students faced were easy to resolve.

- Stephan Bibla - Vice-Principal, Lawrence Park CI (Toronto)

Locker Assignment Online

The online locker system is super easy for us to use in the office and easy for the students to pick their own locker. We open the locker system by grade in the last week of August and then the new students continue to pick their own locker throughout the school year. We post a school map on the welcome page showing the areas that the lockers are located in which helps the students pick the correct locker location. If the students forget their combo we encourage them to login and get their own combinations. The online system is always up to date and any one in the office can login and get the correct locker information. We will continue to use the Locker Assignment Application.

- Kristina Anderson - Head Secretary Fraser Heights Secondary (Surrey)

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